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How to Be More Calm

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We all want to remain cool, calm, and collected as life happens to us. But, the truth is practicing calmness takes discipline. Sometimes life will challenge your ability to remain calm in difficult situations that take a toll on you mentally, physically, spiritually, or in our career. If you can master practicing calmness as difficult situations arise, you can gain an unwaivering sense of peace and agency in your life.

Being in a state of calmness about everything allows you to find solutions. It's a state of release and trust that can be hard to maintain as life throws obstacles and distractions at you.

Living in a state of trust allows you to discern your thoughts and actions clearly as you make decisions. You are able to decipher what moves that you need to make with more intention. When making decisions from a place of calmness, you are less likely to overreact or overthink things.

Being calm about everything allows you to surrender to the present moment. It opens up your mind to receive clarity about what doesn't make sense in your life.

On your journey of elevating you will reach a point in practicing calmness where you have greater control over your own energy and emotions. Once you reach this point of self awareness other people's actions or situations can not dictate your day. You are in control of your peace.

Being calm doesn’t always mean that your mind isn’t wandering about the possibilities or "what if} scenarios in your head. However, with a consistent meditation practice you can direct your mind to wander a thousand and one good places where there are beautiful spaces, ideas, outcomes, & solutions. Disciplining yourself with a strong meditation practice allows you to see that you can solve anything, get through anything, and create anything.

You live life with ease when you trust yourself and the process.

You deserve calm in your life and business. Where can you practice more calm in your life?

Affirm: I am calm because everything is always working in my favor🌱


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