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7 Types of Rest

Rest is a radical act of self care. Grind culture can have us feeling as if we have to constantly be on “go” mode in order to get ahead. There will be late nights and early mornings of doing the work, but your progression in your career can not be made at the expense of your vessel.

We talk about being disciplined with our work, but a lot of people don’t talk about the discipline that comes with rest & rejuvenation. It’s easy to become so focused on your goals that when you get there, you can’t even enjoy it because you already have the next thing in mind.

Rest restores your creativity, resilience, and allows your body to physically heal.

True rest requires TRUST. Do you trust that everything is in alignment for you?

You can't rest and worry at the same time.

May the space between where you are and where you want to be feel beautiful too.

Prioritizing your rest isn’t just about making sure that you sleep. It’s also learning when to take a mental, spiritual, or physical rest. It’s learning to prioritize different types relaxation to make sure you have the energy to live your life in the fullest sense.

So many people are caught up on their day to day actions and forget to truly rest in themselves. Did you know that there are different types of rest that you can take to recharge yourself?

Here are 7 types of rest:

1. Mental Rest

Meditation practices, breath work, take breaks

2. Physical Rest

Stretching, restful sleep, naps, yoga

There are many different types of yoga practices that can be used in different ways for self care. Try slow restorative yoga flows for feelings of rejuvenation and rest.

Yoga is for EVERY BODY. Schedule a self care workshop with Ye Self Care for yoga flows that give your body what you need to totally restore.

3. Spiritual Rest

Meditation, prayer, fasting, visit a place of worship, study

4. Sensory Rest

Meditation, unplugging from technology, sound healing therapy, Connection to Art and Nature, blue light glasses

5. Social Rest

Solitude to recharge, take a break from socializing, meditation, Permission to not be helpful, social media breaks

6. Time Away (Work) Rest

relaxing vacations, prioritizing joy and play, taking time to do something "unproductive" without guilt, retreats

7. Creative Rest

Create to create, Meditation spend time in nature, Stillness to decompress and release, experience new things

When it comes to resting and restoring the body-- meditation is a game changer in your self care routine. At Ye Self Care we teach meditation, breath work, and contemplative practices that bring more wellness to your life or the workplace.

Burn out is real so we must take good care of ourselves. The right Work-Life balance tools will make sure that you are truly thriving in your life and career.

Which type of rest are practicing more of right now?

For more stress management, meditation, or work-life balance resources schedule a workshop for your organization with Ye Self Care.

Meditation Resources

Repeat out loud and Affirm:

"I give myself permission to slow down &enjoy the process in the present moment."

" I can rest because I trust everything is in alignment for me"


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