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5 Tips for Practicing Patience

The thing about patience is we are constantly being taught to learn more of it. Patience is a skill that we must develop continuously over time.

You may have a vision for the job you want, the position you are applying for, the degree you want to finish, or the amount of money you want to have. You might be waiting for your big break or something to finally take off because you’ve been working hard. But many times in life you have to practice patience and consistency while you wait.

Patience is the capacity to tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Sometimes we believe that we are ready for the things that we desire right now in the present. But, sometimes the right time isn't necessarily the time we choose. There will be many times that we must learn to be still and be present even during our hardest moments. With due time, you will be able to look back and see why things needed to work out the way that they did. There is so much power and preparation in the wait if you allow it to come.

You are simply in the process of getting your wings. If you don’t have what you want right now that means you are gaining something that you will NEED in order to KEEP it when you receive it.

So, what are you learning? What work are you doing to expand yourself in the meantime? Are you enjoying the process? Will you breathe easy or torture yourself worrying the entire time until it comes?

Here's a few tips for Practicing Patience:

1. Shift your perspective

Perspective is the only difference between learning patience the easy way or hard way. Shift the ways that you think about the situations that cause you to be impatient. You can choose to let the unexpected morning traffic ruin the start to your day or view the unexpected morning traffic as more time to listen to your favorite podcast you've been wanting to catch up on. Either way you are going to be late. It's your choice as to how you view the inconvenience.

2. Practice Breathing Techniques

Focusing on our breath roots us in the present moment. Deepen your practice with breath work and be consistent with your practice to see results.

3. Be Aware

Become aware of what triggers your impatience. What was happening around you when you became impatient? What makes you want to rush? Make a plan for how you will deal with your impatience when these situations occur.

4. Consciously Slow Down

Be deliberate about taking a moment to slow down and take a deep breath. Sometimes we forget to simply take a moment to step away from the problem or take some time away so that when we approach things again we are our full selves.

5. Celebrate Completing the Small Steps towards your goals

Map out all the steps that it will take to complete your goals. Breaking things down in steps allows you to see the work left for you to complete but also how far that you have come. If you look back you surely aren't where you first started. That is something to be thankful for as you do the work to accomplishing your goals. Celebrating yourself along the way allows you to recognize your progress.

Shift your perspective and become more patient with the breath work practices in

“Find Peace, Go Higher- a guide to deepening your personal meditation practice.” This easy to read and follow guide will help you reclaim your life and deal with things as they come.

Everything you want is coming to you in the right time. Speak it into existence.


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