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Believing in your Personal Power

Updated: May 31, 2022

Your personal power is just that......

Your Personal Power!

You can’t expect people to understand how powerful you truly are or the magnitude of your dreams. Why should you? The plan that the universe has for you is far beyond anything some one who is not you can conceive.

Small minds may even question HOW you will get it done or the moves that you feel called to make while doing them.

Aside from knowing that you must take small steps everyday to manifest the vision, you have to TRUST and know that God (or whatever spiritual belief you have) will make a way out of no way for the rest. You have to trust in the daily actions that you are making to move your vision forward.

That’s why your vision is for YOU!

That’s why you have to trust in your own divine inner- standing of your life.

You have to trust in higher timing.

With meditation and visualization, the vision for your life will become clearer and more abundant. Your self awareness becomes stronger with a regular meditation routine.

Not everyone is going to understand that you have the personal power to bring this all to life and that is OKAY. They will see when you manifest it and later will ask questions on how you did it.

When you look back over your life, you know the things that you have to be grateful for. As you look forward, you better get excited about all the things you are about to do! You are so powerful when you believe that you are.

What thoughts or beliefs have stopped you from fully believing in your personal power? How can you combat these this as you work towards your goals?

Be real with yourself and the answers so nothing can stop you from rising everyday in your own personal power!

Affirm: "I am powerful beyond measure."

Take Good Care

Believing in your personal power each day requires a good mindset and meditation routine. Ye Self Care is a life and business wellness consulting company. We have the wellness tools you need to build your confidence and step into your personal power.


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