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How to be Consistent on your Wellness Journey

Updated: May 3, 2022

You want to know one of the secrets to Going Higher? Consistency

And it's something that many of us struggle with in our day to day routines when it comes to our wellness journey. How many times have you set a goal to work out, meditate more, or incorporate a weekly self care activity and neglected to do so?

Are you truly showing up for yourself or do you let each day go by wanting to see changes and never truly committing long enough to elevate?

Change comes when you truly get fed up of being, living, or thinking a certain way. Only then do you begin to take those little steps required on the daily to change your life and level up your wellness practices. Here's some steps to becoming more consistent on your wellness journey.

1. Establish a routine:

Create a routine that works for YOUR lifestyle. If you have a set routine for yourself, then you are more likely to get things completed each day. Think about your activity each day and see where you can create more time. Do you normally wake up 20 minutes before you have to leave the house for work? Try waking up just 10 minutes earlier to sneak in a morning stretch. Do you normally just scroll social media on your lunch break? Try a meditation for 5 minutes of your break instead.

2. Be realistic about your goals:

Being realistic about the goals you want to be consistent with leaves room for success. It might be hard to establish the consistency of working out 7 days a week if normally you work out once per month. It will be hard to be consistent meditating at 6 am everyday if you are not a morning person. Be realistic about what consistency looks like for YOU with your lifestyle.

3. Set your Intention

What did Solange say? "Do Nothing Without Intention." Set an intention for WHY you want to be consistent with your wellness habits in the first place. This will root you as you begin your wellness journey.

4. Be Disciplined, not motivated

Discipline is our ability to do things after we no longer have the desire to do them. If you rely completely on motivation to be consistent you are more likely to fail. No matter what we do, life will throw its curve balls. How will you be consistent when you no longer feel like going to the gym? What happens when you aren't in the mood to meditate today? What about the days that binge watching Netflix sounds better than journaling. Be disciplined in all things in order to receive results.

5. Affirm Yourself and Meditate

To be consistent you need a great mindset. Create affirmations for your wellness journey and meditate on them. Meditation will increase your self awareness and allow you to learn about yourself, your habits, and how you can manifest more of the life that you desire. However, meditation is a two way relationship that requires you to show up consistently. The more you show up for your practice, the more it shows up for you.

Set an intention right now to truly commit to yourself. With a consistent wellness routine, you can manifest every goal that you set your mind to and bring more balance in your life. Build a life that looks AND feels good.

At Ye Self Care we believe in power of a consistent wellness practice.

Our Book "Find Peace, Go Higher- A Guide to Deepening your Meditation Practice" allows you to learn how to deepen your meditation practice and bring more self awareness in your life. Each book included a habit tracker to set your intentions and get more consistent with your meditation practice! Commit to yourself and get consistent. Available now on amazon!

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