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7 Wellness tips for working remote

Updated: May 3, 2023

With hybrid and remote work becoming increasingly popular for companies, we are spending more time sitting and using technology for work and business. There are some careers that involve us to sit and look at our screens for 6- 8 hours a day. It's important that we think about our wellness habits as we go after our goals.

Here are 7 Wellness Tips for maintaining good health while working remote.

1. Spend more time Meditating

Meditation is an important habit that increases our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Cultivate your meditation practice daily to take good care of yourself. At Ye Self Care we value meditation and breath- work practices that root us in the present moment and nourish us holistically. We teach a variety of meditation, breath-work, and contemplation practices.

Schedule a workshop with Ye Self Care or meditate more deeply on your own with our book "Find Peace, Go Higher- A Guide for Deepening your Personal Meditation Practice" on Amazon!

2. Wear Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are shown to help alleviate the stress of blue light emitted from your tech screens. Blue light blocking glasses can reduce eye strain, eye damage, and sleep interruptions caused by staring at digital screens for too long.

3. Move your Body

There are many negative health correlations between a sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity. After sitting for long periods of time your body needs to stretch. A regular Yoga practice offers increased physical and mental health benefits. There are many scientific health benefits from a consistent yoga practice such as reducing anxiety, boosting metabolism, increasing focus, and so much more. That's why at Ye Self Care we teach yoga practices that take care of your total health and reduce overall stress.

4. Create a Consistent Morning Routine

A consistent morning routine will allow you to start your day intentionally and with some self care before diving into the work day. Get dressed even though you are working from home. A consistent morning routine helps increase your motivation to get work done and boosts your overall productivity.

5. Take wellness breaks

Taking time away from your screen to stand, stretch, or take a walk can help alleviate the harmful effects of being sedentary for too long while looking at a screen.

6. Create a separate space for work and life

When working remotely or from home it is important to be able to separate life and work as much as you can. Create a comfortable area for you to work and focus in your home. Go to a coffee shop or co-working space if you can to work. Working from the bed can leave you with increased feelings of no work- life balance and it may be hard to rest in the same spaces you feel the pressures from work.

7. Invest in a standing desk

Standing desks allow for for employees to stand comfortably while working. They allow for you to adjust the height to sit or stand as you work to complete your tasks. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in the workforce. Many people are reporting positive health benefits from the switch such as decreased back pain and burning calories by simply standing instead of sitting at a regular desk.

Employee wellbeing is important to your organizations succes. Ye Self Care has a successful track record of partnering with companies to achieve their personalized wellness goals. Shift the culture of your workplace and schedule a call with us to learn more about our services!

written by: Chare'A Smith


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