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Meet Chare'A


Meet  Chare'A

My name is Chare'A and I am an Educator, Author, Meditation and Yoga instructor, and entrepreneur. I specialize in teaching meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative practices for goal setting in life and business.


I created Ye Self Care because of my own struggles with balancing life and career wellness with chronic anxiety. My goal is to serve as a guide: sharing tips and resources so that you can do life with more ease and avoid the mistakes I've made. Holistic Success looks good on you. Let's Take Good Care together !

The definition of Success is different for everyone. 
We help clients make the shift to creating Holistic Success. We all deserve total mind, body, spirit, and workplace wellness . With Holistic Success, you can have it all.
Ye' Self Care is your solution for building total success.
 Our classes and resources give clients simple practices and strategies to reach their goals without the stress along the way.
Finding the balance for life and career success is hard.
But, Taking Good Care just got a little easier.
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21 Days Meditation Challenge

Need to bring some peace and calm to your life? Mindfulness and meditation are just what you need!!

Join this challenge to get a 21-day program introducing mindfulness and meditation. You get daily prompts explaining how to do sitting meditation plus mindfulness checks at the end of each day. 

Chare'A Smith is 

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Schedule a wellness service with Ye' Self Care to elevate yourself or your organization through wellness. 

Enrich your life with empowering 

meditations with an intention of your choice.

Enrich your life with empowering 

meditations with an intention of your choice.

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Bring more wellness to your work life.

Our services are for all ambitious people, small businesses, and corporations.


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Indiana University McKinney School of Law BLSA

"Self Care for Success" Workshop

"We learned to visualize both peace and success.


Black Ladies Talk Network

Rotterdam, Netherlands

"I loved working with you to host the Holistic Success workshop for our organization. We received amazing feedback from all attendees.


Laura- Meditation Workshop

"The instructor created a soothing atmosphere I was able to focus in on the session. The instructors voice was very calming that adds to the atmosphere as well. I appreciated that we were allowed to participate in the class she recognized things that the participants had to say. I left feeling refreshed calm and peaceful. Thank you with everything going on in the world this was well needed.


Angel- Self Care for Success Workshop

"This was the first time I was able to fully tap in, removing myself mentally from the workplace to regroup my mental state.

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