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My name is Chare'A Smith and I am Business Wellness Educator, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and Entrepreneur. I specialize in teaching Meditation, Mindfulness, and contemplative practices for strategic goal setting in life and business. In business, I specialize in sales strategy, marketing, and management.

You can reach your goals in life and business without the stress on the way up. Our workshops give customized wellness strategies to achieve goals in engaging ways.

Ye' Self Care is your solution for creating total success. Our services help clients create more balance for achieving mind, body, spirit, and career success.  

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Schedule a wellness service with Ye' Self Care to elevate yourself or your organization through wellness. 

Enrich your life with empowering 

meditations with an intention of your choice.

Enrich your life with empowering 

meditations with an intention of your choice.

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"We learned to visualize both peace and success."

Indiana University McKinney School of Law BLSA

"Rich in More Ways than Money" Workshop



Affirm: All the resources I need for my entire life to thrive are within.



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