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To be truly successful we must have
mind, body, spirit, and career wellness.

Who we are

Your personal wellness journey is directly correlated to the attainment of all of your life  goals. Elevate without carrying the stress.

How we can help

Workplace Wellness

 Our workshops boost your team members' productivity, work ethic, confidence, focus, and motivation.  

We provide rejuvenating wellness instruction, goal setting strategies, and business wellness education to maximize your potential in the workforce and alleviate home and work- place stress.  Our workshops ensure that all participants can build and sustain total success with comprehensive wellness programming for your team.


Take your company to the next level with a team that is highly motivated to achieve goals that align with company values.

Workshops and Classes:

Check out our fun and engaging workshops or classes to place yourself in places that help you grow in life or business.

Our classes have different wellness themes, education, and empowerment for the mind, body, spirit, or career.

Guided Meditation

Access the many benefits of practicing meditation at a deeper level with a guide.


Schedule a meditation and empowerment session with a theme centered around your personal needs.  Fill out our customized form for a guided meditation session.

Wellness Event Curation

Let's begin planning your customized wellness event with your company or organization.


We curate unique and engaging workshops for schools, organizations, and events. Bring wellness to your group with instruction that can be fun, educational, and motivating. We create experiences for both adults and children.  




Ye' Self Care provides tools, resources, and techniques to maximize your potential in the workforce and alleviate both home and work- place stress. We also train employees and corporations to attain business and sales goals. Our workshops focus on each of these areas in totality to ensure that all participants can build and sustain total success.

Who we serve

Join a community that elevates together through wellness. We offer workshops, products, &customized services for entrepreneurs, creatives, small businesses, &corporations. We advocate for the importance of corporate wellness. 

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