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Take your wellness journey to new levels with these powerful guides.


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Do you want to strengthen your relationship with meditation to reap all the benefits that so many people receive? Have you tried meditating consistently but struggle with keeping focus? Meditate for a longer time? Do you want to have your own relationship with meditation that doesn't look like everyone else?
 Well this Guide is PERFECT for you!
What's Included:

-Habit Tracker to get CONSISTENT
-Benefits of Meditation
-Breathing Techniques
-Control more of your thoughts and quiet the mind
- Meditation Playlists that feature jazz, r&b, and more
-Techniques for learning to "silence" your thoughts
-Build your timing
-Over 16 different meditation apps you can use
-Movements to enhance your meditation
& soooo much more!

Audio Books

Do you enjoy listening on the go? Get the Find Peace, Go Higher Audio book

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